At Lo Bros. we keep it real.
We respect the authentic traditions and methods of creating kombucha with no short cuts, no trickery. Our living drinks deliver the taste and health benefits we promise. Always.
We only use the best quality ingredients, like single-estate, organic oolong and green tea.
We always use our wild SCOBY (Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeasts) to ferment each batch of kombucha.
Lo Bros. Kombucha is small batch brewed to ensure the best quality.
To make sure every bottle is full of life, we never heat pasteurise.
The natural fermentation process produces a multitude of beneficial living bacteria and enzymes. The probiotic bacteria in every bottle is alive for the full shelf life.
Lo Bros is naturally low in sugar. We leave just a tiny amount of sugar in each bottle to feed our beneficial bacteria so that they stay alive and healthy. This is super important.
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